Arthur G. Russell
This client had a FoxPro database that needed upgrading from Unix to Windows. During the conversion a complete Purchase Order system was added. Along with a custom barcode solution crafted especially for this client, productivity and throughput has increased dramatically.
Klingberg Family Clinic
This New Britian Connecticut customer had an Access database, but it was at the end of it's life-cycle. What was needed was a new program that could grow and become a useful tool for this school. Much of the information kept for each child is sensitive in nature and rules were put in place to restrict information to only those who required it. Tracking who can see what and what they viewed or changed goes a long way to satisfying the new HIPPA requirements.
Caro's Poker Secrets
The "as seen on TV" hype for the current Hold'em Poker craze, created a demand for a database that could: Extract orders off of an e-commerce website, interface to a fulfillment company, interface to a merchant bank and generate several custom reports. The fast turnaround and quality of product has kept this customer coming back year after year.
Best Water Software
Created out of the need to interface electronically read water meters and Quickbooks, this MS-Access program has grown to become a real utility program for water companies. It can interface with several types of water meter reading programs and imports invoices to Quickbooks, generates late and shut-off notices and all the reports that are requited for the day-to-day operation of a small to medium size water company. The program can bill consumption or flat for both water and sewer customers. It also supports the newest E-Coder Plus meters from Neptune.
Neils Wood Flooring
A Wood Flooring Company in Branford Connecticut had a need to create fast and accurate estimates for their line of wood flooring products. This Access database does just that. It creates custom estimates that are accurate, easy to modify and includes all the items required to do a professional installation. These proposals can then be turned into invoices at the click of a button.
This program uses Microsoft Access to attach to almost any ODBC database as the source for Bulk Email/Faxing. Query parameters are easily set by the user and the program will send individualized emails or fax's to an unlimited number of recipients. Setup's may be saved and used on a month-to-month basis for notifying the field agents of important information. The program does mixed emailing and faxing at the same time.
Adkins Printing
This custom system using Microsoft Office Access and Excel, imports data entered by Town Clerks and generates all the ballot material used in the voting process. The clerks enter all the information into an Excel template provided and email it to Adkins. They import the data into an Access database and then produce the various collateral required by the Secretary of State used at the voting locations. The use can select the following output, which is either sent to a image plate-setter or printed locally:
  • Absentee Ballot
  • 346 Forms
  • Sample Ballots
  • Moderator Sheets
  • etc.

Automotive Technology Inc.
A Microsoft Access database was designed for ATI Corporate to pull together data from several standalone databases. The system was used to track store locations for their franchises. It contains standard procedures in PDF format that may be printed locally.

All information about a location, store and franchisee are all in one place and available through out the corporation.
Charter Oak Nursery
This Access database is used to write orders and quote prices for a Nursery Reseller in West Hartford, Connecticut.

It has import functions to retrieve price lists from several different wholesalers in all different formats and incorporate them into a single unified database. Our client uses this program to write orders and maintain customer ordering history.
Holdridge Farm Nursery
A custom system written in Microsoft Access to allow this bare roots nursery farm to track orders and inventory for their nursery business. System prepares pick and shipping lists, plant and shrub labels, mailing labels and availability lists on demand.
Lucky Seven Saloon
A resturant in Seattle Washington had a requirement for a touch-screen application to manage their sales and tax reporting of their Pull-tab operation. This Access database is run from the bar and tracks all sales and payouts from multiple users. All reports required by the state are produced on demand, monthly and/or quarterly.
Oakleaf Waste Management
Oakleaf was just chosen as one of the fastest growing Companies in the US by Inc. magazine.

This Access front-end, SQL 7.0 backend program is used in all the departments at Oakleaf. It manages Bid, Customer Service, New Stores, Mailings, Billing, Invoicing, Receivables and Payables. It generates fax's automatically, produces 40 different invoice types, EDI and spreadsheets and is used by 150+ users each day.
High Heat, Inc.
This company uses this database program to record the buying and selling of used furnaces. All the specifications and a picture can be extracted at a moments notice for a sale or purchase.

System used an Access database to track the proposal sent and records all activity on a heating unit or part.
A Microsoft Access Database used to manage service requests and invoicing for a metal, wood and stone refinishing business based in South Windsor. The program tracks and generates forms
Horton Group International
An executive search firm in Avon Connecticut uses these programs to automate the mailings and interviews used in the recruiting process. Rich mail merge capabilities. Extensive search criteria for candidates that match a particular job were custom programmed to Hortons specifications.
Peter J. Sayadoff
A Microsoft Access database Application that generates bids for Painting and wall covering. Area calculations are extracted from blueprints or manual measurements and entered into the system. The output is a complete bid package that may be submitted to a client. Upon receipt of the contract, the system can furnish detailed bill-of-materials that will be needed for the project including man-hour requirements.

The system is table driven and contains description of all the various tasks required to complete a specific task.
Updike, Kelly and Spellacy
Two different systems. The first is a data driven Contact Manager. Customized reports and queries are built on the fly that drive the mailings and reporting system

The second system uses the information provided on the web by the State of Connecticut to keep UKS Lobbyists abreast of pending bills and legislation that might affect their clients.

Data is downloaded daily and can be automatically directed to lawyers or their clients based on several 'alert' keywords.

Reports and recaps are generated daily. Data may also be synchronized with a Palm Pilot for 'at the capitol' access.

The Hutensky Group
A local real-estate management company, Hutensky used this Access data base to manage and track their leases and vendors for those leases.

It maintained insurance information and automatically sends follow-up letters for insurance certificates that are about to expire.
The Car Phone Store
Another Microsoft Access database application. This one is a Point Of Sale terminal for all the Car Phone Locations. It tracks and costs inventory, provides sales reports both locally and to corporate and is synchronized with the home office automatically every night via the web.

New items and price changes are sent to the store during their nightly data upload.
Action Carpet
A Microsoft Access Database used to manage the schedules for up to a dozen crews, installing and cleaning floor covering. Used in several locations and synchronized via the web this system also maintains customer lists and inventory.
Combined Health Appeal
A nationwide charitable organization uses this program to track and manage donations made to their various charities.
The program is able to send mass mailings, and generate very specific and targeted reports on people and companies in the database.
Reunions by Design
This company runs High School reunions in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Rhode Island. This custom Access database manages the schools, the students, their payments and all the assorted mailings and searches associated with a class reunion.
Performance Programs Inc.
This Microsoft Office dependant application accepted data from automated call logging systems and generated very specific reports in Microsoft Excel for their clients.
These are but a few of the systems that we have authored in the past several years.
May we quote one for you??